featurepic2Great styling techniques work better if you have a great haircut to work with. Now, when it comes to men’s hair that is doubly true. Think about it; most men wear their hair on the shorter side. This makes creating those great styles harder if the haircut lacks texture or is to long or short for the look we want to create. The cut must be precise in order to make him smile.

So, assuming that your man has just that, a great cut, then we are ready to start styling away. We start the same way we do with a women’s hair. We need a plan. Is his look going to be smooth and clean or is it rough and rugged? Are we thinking a faux hawk or a slightly messy but neat enough for the boss’ look?

Let’s go with the slightly messy look. First off assuming that he has just washed his hair and it is wet, we need to set up a foundation for the look. It takes a light styling gel and a blow dryer to accomplish this. Take a small amount of gel and emulsify it in your hands. Evenly distribute the gel through his hair. Using a wide tooth comb I want you to get the general direction of the part happening. If you want the hair to come forward, then bring it forward. Once you have the direction set break out the blow dryer and let’s spend the next 5-10 minutes getting the hair dry. Try to rough up the hair but keep it going in the direction you want to style it. Use your fingers for a really rough look or a paddle brush for a less messy look.

Now that the hair is dry it is time for some pomade. I love Redken’s Rough paste 12. It is strong and yet soft. It will hold all day and never get super stiff like a styling gel will. Place a small amount of rough paste in the palm of your hand and emulsify it withy the other hand. Make sure to carry some of the product ont the finger since the fingers are the main styling tool. Now get in there and have some fun. Don’t be afraid to make it to messy. You can always calm it down. Now one of the key points I make to my male clients is “organized chaos”. Look for balance in the mess. Make sure there are no way out there pieces that make the look juvenile. Now, head out the door and be your coolest. Listen to the girls swoon and have an awesome day.

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