So you wake up, shower and now you need to get that beautiful head of hair to look just that…beautiful. Where do you start?

Once again, a plan is the most valuable thing you can have. Like the major battles of World War 2 if the generals had a lousy plan then the outcome was less than presentable. So, what is the plan? How about a little volume in the top with the ends flipping out gently and a subtle amount of Hollywood piecyness? (I made that word up for you! lol). Sound good? OK, let’s do it!

First of let’s start with the idea that we need to create volume at the base. When it comes to volume you have to do several things. One of course is to find and use properly the right product. There are some wonderful root lift products on the market. I personally love Redken’s Guts 10. It is a direct spray mousse that has enough hold with out being sticky at the scalp when properly applied.

That takes us to application. The number one mistake that I see being made is actually a very simple one to make and that is when applying the root lifter clients get most of it on the scalp when it is actually the first inch to two inches of hair at the scalp that needs the product, not the scalp itself. So, how do you do that? First off, take a three quarter inch parting of hair and spray your root lifter on the hair and try and avoid as much as possible spraying it on the scalp itself. Now take another parting and another and another, until you have covered the entire top of your head and slightly over the sides. It takes a little practice but the rewards are worth it

At this point you could jump into blow dry mode but wait a second, didn’t we say we wanted a gentle flip in the ends? Yes, I think we did and I want some help in the hold and protection department to accomplish that. Now we need a medium hold, light weight product for the mid-shaft as we as the ends. I like to use Redken’s Contour 8 shaping lotion for this. It is light enough and yet has enough hold to create the light flips I want in the ends. Emulsify a small amount of Contour in your hands and apply sparingly from the mid-shaft to the ends. Awesome!

Let’s blow dry for volume now. Some of you like to throw your head upside down to get the hair off the scalp while you apply heat to dry the hair and that works great. Or you might take a round brush or even a boar bristle paddle brush and lift the hair as you blow dry the base. Either way you want to constantly be lifting that hair to create the volume. Another great trick is to apply cold air to the now dry warm hair to cool it down. That will help that volume stay put also.

So, once the root area is dry the next step is finishing the rest of the hair with a round brush. This is actually the simplest part. You want to smooth the hair and turn up the ends gently to give us a nice flip. It is ok if the flip seems strong right now because it will calm down a little as the day goes on. To get the final little bit of piecyness use a little pomade.

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